The Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program (OMMCP) gives people with a qualifying medical condition and a recommendation by an Ohio-licensed physician certified to recommend medical marijuana by the State Medical Board, the ability to purchase and use medical marijuana in the state of Ohio. From the Department of Commerce to your local dispensary, every player in the OMMCP works together to ensure Ohio patients can purchase and consume safe and effective medical marijuana.

The OMMCP is composed of several moving parts, all operating under various state departments. Cultivators, who are responsible for growing and providing raw medical marijuana flower, as well as processors, who are responsible for processing the flower material into a myriad of products, such as oil, tinctures, and ointments, operate under the Ohio Department of Commerce. Another entity of the program operating under the Department of Commerce, and arguably the most important, are the testing laboratories. Every batch of products, whether raw or processed, must undergo and pass stringent testing before becoming available for sale in Ohio. In this process, products undergo testing for such things as microbial contaminants (bacteria, mold), foreign matter (insects, debris), pesticide and fertilizer residue as well as heavy metals (arsenic, lead, mercury). Medical Marijuana that has been processed must undergo residual solvent testing to ensure for 99% purity of products. There are various reasons for this process, most importantly patient safety and product consistency.

The State Board of Pharmacy is responsible for overseeing several parts of the OMMCP as well. Patients and caregivers will both be registered under the State Board of Pharmacy. Dispensaries, where patients will be able to purchase medical marijuana products will also be overseen by the State Board of Pharmacy. If a patient wishes to see an additional form of consumption added to the approved list, they may file a petition to the State Board of Pharmacy as well.

Lastly, the State Medical Board of Ohio is responsible for certifying physicians who can recommend medical marijuana to patients. Physicians must complete training to become certified to recommend (CTR), as well as hold an unrestricted MD or DO license. The State Medical Board is also responsible for approving any additional qualifying conditions.

OMMCP Hotline

The State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy opened the OMMCP Toll-Free Helpline to respond to inquiries from patients, caregivers, and health professionals regarding adverse reactions to medical marijuana and provides information about available services and additional assistance as needed.

To contact the line, please dial: 1-833-4OH-MMCP (1-833-464-6627)