• What is required of a physician to recommend medical marijuana?

    A physician is not permitted to issue a state of Ohio approved written recommendation to use medical marijuana until the physician has completed all required training and obtained a certificate to recommend from the State Medical Board of Ohio.

  • Do I need to register?

    Yes. All medical marijuana patients and their caregivers are required to register with the State Board of Pharmacy. Click here to learn more about becoming a patient or caregiver.

  • How long will my registration be valid?

    A patient or caregiver registration will be valid from the date of issuance and expire one year later, on the last day of the month it was issued. If the patient is diagnosed as terminally ill, the patient’s registration will expire after six months.

  • Will my registration status be made publicly available?

    No. The law prohibits the Board of Pharmacy, as well as licensed dispensaries, from making personal identifying information public. Physicians and those employed by dispensaries will be able to verify a patient or caregiver’s registration.

  • Will I be permitted to grow medical marijuana for personal consumption?

    No. The law prohibits the cultivation of medical marijuana for personal, family, or household use.

  • Will I be able to use my card in other states?

    The law requires that the Board of Pharmacy attempt to negotiate and enter into reciprocity agreements with other states. Before entering into an agreement with another state, the Board must determine that both of the following apply:

    1. The eligibility requirements imposed by the other state in order to obtain a registry identification card are substantially comparable to Ohio’s requirements
    2. The other state recognizes a patient or caregiver registration and identification card issued in Ohio.

  • Does Ohio recognize medical marijuana cards issued by other states?

    Currently, Ohio does not recognize medical marijuana registry cards issued in other states. The law requires that the Board of Pharmacy attempt in good faith to negotiate and enter into reciprocity agreements with other states. If Ohio does enter into a reciprocity agreement with another state, more information will be posted to the OMMCP website.

  • What is the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program?

    In 2016, Ohio passed House Bill 532, thus enacting the Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program (OMMCP). The OMMCP allows for the regulated sales of medical marijuana. The program is operated by the Ohio Department of Commerce, Board of Pharmacy and State Medical Board of Ohio, each responsible for managing a different part of the program. The Department of Commerce is responsible for licensing all medical marijuana cultivation facilities, processors and testing labs. Dispensaries, patients, and caregivers will be registered through the Board of Pharmacy. The State Medical Board of Ohio will certify physicians seeking to recommend the treatment of medical marijuana.

  • What makes marijuana medicinal?

    The medicinal benefits of marijuana can be attributed mainly to the cannabinoids within the plant, working with the body's endocannabinoid system to produce various effects. The cannabinoids tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), bind to different receptors in the brain and body to produce diverse therapeutic results. THC, the psychoactive cannabinoid in marijuana, binds to the receptors in the brain that control pleasure, coordination, sensory and time perception. CBD activates receptors in the body that control pain perception and inflammation, thus providing effects to its users such as pain relief, and anti-inflammation. Medical marijuana products undergo strenuous testing to ensure the safety of the product, as well as test for potency (which measures the THC and CBD percentage in the product). By knowing the potency content of products, patients not only know what they are consuming but how much and of what type to consume to produce desired effects.

  • How do I purchase medical marijuana?

    To purchase medical marijuana in Ohio, you must first become a patient, registered with the Ohio Board of Pharmacy. The registration process requires several steps and may seem overwhelming to those new to the program but knowing as much as you can about the process can prepare you for success when applying. Registration requires steps such as having a qualifying condition as well as a bona fide relationship with a recommending physician.

  • Where do I purchase medical marijuana?

    Medical marijuana can only be purchased at licensed dispensaries across the state of Ohio. See a list of licensed dispensaries here.

  • How do I know the medical marijuana I purchase is safe?

    Before any medical marijuana product is released for sale to Ohio patients, it must undergo and pass a stringent testing process to ensure the product's safety. Ohio law requires that all products be tested for contaminants such as microbials (mold, fungi), foreign matter, heavy metals (arsenic, lead, mercury) and pesticide and fertilizer residue to name a few. Products are also tested for potency (THC, CBD, etc.) to allow patients to know what cannabinoids are in the products they purchase to better gage dosage amounts to produce the desired effects.

  • How do I consume medical marijuana?

    Medical marijuana can be consumed in a variety of ways, such as vaporization, oral administration, transdermal and topically. Please consult with your dispensary when deciding which type of administration is best for you; although preference plays a part, proper dosage and desired effects should be considered as well.

  • Can I consume too much medical marijuana?

    Consuming too much marijuana can be unpleasant; however, it is highly unlikely the effects would last longer than a few hours. The effects of marijuana depend on numerous factors, including the products chemical profile, the user's unique biology and tolerance, dosage and consumption method. New users often feel different or more intense effects than more experienced users, with effects ranging from feeling energized and outgoing to relaxed and tired to anxious and paranoid. Please remember to always consult with a dispensary before choosing a course of treatment to ensure accurate dosing and consumption methods.